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Meet Dr. Harpham

wendy harpham

Wendy Harpham is a doctor of internal medicine, 25-year cancer survivor, best-selling author and nationally recognized speaker. From both sides of the stethoscope, she discusses healing clinician-patient bonds and self-care, with the ultimate goal of helping patients to get good care and live as fully as possible.

Dr. Harpham discusses her work in a 3-minute video.

View from the Other Side of the Stethoscope

Since 2005, Dr. Harpham has been writing a popular and award-winning regular column in Oncology Times under the banner, “View from the Other Side of the Stethoscope.” Each column grapples with one common dilemma in patient care, such as the problem of false alarms or the difficulty of finding hope when stopping cancer treatment. Dr. Harpham offers insight into the dynamics behind each problem for patients and concludes with suggestions for clinicians. She often offers specific examples of healing words and actions that take only seconds to say or do yet can make a world of difference for patients.

While addressed to professionals, her “View” columns have been circulating among patients, too, giving them an intimate view of the challenges and frustrations their doctors and nurses face. The stories and advice help non-medical readers reflect on their life as a patient. Most importantly, these essays open patients’ eyes to new opportunities for hope and healing.

A few columns per year are addressed directly to patients. Clinicians are welcome to use these patient handouts in their care of patients.

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Consoling, personal, humorous, hopeful…Happiness in a Storm is…all about saving the quality of lives for patients and families facing any illness or injury.