Other Advocacy

logo-ascDr. Harpham is an affiliate member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. In past years she served on the Survivorship committee and both the Uniform Minimum Standards Work Group andSurvivorship Booklet Work Group subcommittees.

logo-wendys-eaglesDr. Harpham is the captain of Wendy’s Eagles, an ever-growing team of walkers in the Dallas Lymphomathon.Since 2004, Wendy’s Eagles has raised over $72,000 for the Lymphoma Research Foundation.


logo-lymphomaDr. Harpham is a founding and board member of the Dallas Chapter of the Lymphoma Research Foundation.


logo-national-cancer-survivorNational Speaker, 1995 to present



logo-national-cancer-instConsultant and host for NCI show “We Can Cope: Family Support When A Parent Has Cancer." Helped develop NCI brochures, “Facing Forward: When Someone You Love has Completed Cancer Treatment” and “When Someone You Love is Being Treated for Cancer”

logo-american-cancerHost, Cancer Survivors Network programs; participant, 2015 QOL for ACS workgroup; Inspirational speaker at various Relay for Life events.