Keynotes, Workshops and Special Events

Wendy Harpham is a nationally recognized speaker on survivorship. She enjoys connecting with audiences, using her useful perspective as physician-survivor to educate, comfort and inspire patients, caregivers and clinicians. Whether Dr. Harpham is offering an overview of Healthy Survivorship or is focused on one particular aspect of survivorship, she engages audiences with her unique blend of sound information, personal stories, useful insights, practical advice and humor.

Most keynotes are 50 minutes and tailored to the specific audience and the theme of the event. Dr. Harpham is happy to shorten or expand her presentation, as needed. She uses PowerPoint effectively, with photographs and minimal text highlighting key ideas and providing comic relief.

Her presentations for professional audiences are most often delivered as Grand Rounds or as part of a symposium. She offers clinicians insights and tips about things clinicians can say or do to help their patients get good care and live as fully as possible. She demonstrates how clinicians’ efforts to help patients become Healthy Survivors can foster more efficient and satisfying work.

Presentations for Patients, Caregivers and the General Public

Happiness in a Storm: Embracing Life as a Healthy Survivor

While dealing with her own chronic lymphoma, Dr. Wendy Harpham coined the term “Healthy Survivor” for any patient who (1) gets good care and (2) lives as fully as possible.

This has been Dr. Harpham most popular keynote.Using personal stories and humor, she offers practical philosophy and science-based knowledge that helps patients obtain quality care and live well after a diagnosis of cancer or other serious illness. Dr. Harpham illustrates how patients can find happiness despite illness and, sometimes, even because of it.

When a Parent has Cancer, What About the Children?

Dr. Wendy Harpham is the author of the award-winning book set—When a Parent has Cancer and its companion children’s book, Becky and the Worry Cup. In this keynote, Harpham uses personal stories to simplify many of the complex problems parents confront when balancing their own needs against those of their children. She offers helpful insights and hopeful advice, based on her belief that "The greatest gift we can give our children is not protection from the world, but the confidence and tools to cope and grow.”

Healthy Survivorship through Knowledge, Hope and Action

Healthy Survivors get good medical care and minimize the pain, debility and loss due to their illness. Through personal stories and humor, Dr. Wendy Harpham shares her three-step approach to getting good care and living as fully as possible: Obtain sound knowledge, find and nourish hope and take effective action. She demonstrates how becoming a Healthy Survivor frees patients to find happiness despite illness and, in some cases, because of it.

After Treatment Ends: Embracing Life as a Healthy Survivor

The final dose of cancer therapy may mark the end of treatment, but it does not signal the end of the cancer experience. Survivors now face the challenges of integrating unwanted changes and losses into their life after cancer. Dr. Wendy Harpham knows about these challenges from both sides of the stethoscope. In this keynote, she shares an approach to life after cancer that helps patients become Healthy Survivors, namely, survivors who get good care and live as fully as possible. She encourages survivors to find happiness despite changes and losses, and, sometimes, because of them.

On Wings of Hope

Hope is essential to getting good care and living as fully as possible. But sometimes hope can seem elusive. Dr. Harpham offers a useful definition of hope that helps patients recognize hopes that are healing (and those that are not). She offers insights and tips for overcoming obstacles to feeling hopeful and nourishing hopes that heal.

Late Effects: What’s a Survivor to Do?

Surviving cancer is a modern phenomenon thanks to progress in diagnosis and treatment. unfortunately, this success has been won at some cost: Ongoing and/or new medical problems are common after completion of treatment. Dr. Harpham provides a brief, clear overview of the biology of late effects and develops a healthy, hopeful framework for integrating the reality of late effects into life after cancer.

The Healing Power of Clinical Trials

Physician-survivor Dr. Wendy Harpham has benefited from the progress and hope of clinical trials. After briefly reviewing fundamentals about clinical trials, she shares personal stories from her survivorship journey that portray the challenges and emotions that can arise while participating in a clinical trial. You will understand why she believes clinical trials are healing medicine.

Resolving the Frustration of Fatigue

For many patients, fatigue is an invisible wound that poses a great challenge to finding a healthy “new Normal” after completion of treatment. Dr. Harpham’s experiences on both sides of the stethoscope have taught her healthy ways to deal with the thoughts, feelings and practical problems that tired survivors face. She shares her insights and tips for resolving the frustration of fatigue.

Living with Chronic Pain: Embracing Life as a Healthy Survivor

Healthy Survivors get good care and live as fully as possible. As both a physician and a cancer patient, Dr. Harpham has experienced how chronic pain can make it difficult to do either. Here she shares an approach to living with pain that helps patients think about and respond to pain in healing ways. She offers insights and practical tips for talking about pain with members of the healthcare team, with loved ones, in social settings and in their own head with themself.

Presentations for Medical Professionals

Happiness in a Storm: The Challenge of Healing the Cancer Patient

Since the publication of Happiness in a Storm, this has been Dr. Harpham most popular keynote for professional audiences. From her shared background in the care of patients, she offers you insights and advice for guiding your patients to quality care and supporting your patients' pursuit of happiness in the face of adversity. Dr. Harpham will inform, entertain and inspire, exploring not only how to improve the lives of your patients but also how to care for yourself. [CEU information available on request.]

Preserving Compassion: The Promise of Healthy Survivorship

A variety of forces are driving a wedge between modern clinicians and patients. From her useful perspective as a physician-patient, Dr. Harpham explores ways to overcome the challenges to compassion in modern medicine. She offers words and actions that take you only seconds yet can make a world of difference for your patients -- and for you.

 Clinical Trials: Healing Medicine

Physician-survivor Wendy Harpham has benefited from the progress and hope of clinical trials. In this keynote she shares personal stories from her experiences as a subject in early-phase trials to illustrate the challenges and emotions patients face when considering or participating in a clinical trial. You will understand why she believes clinical trials are healing medicine.

Talking with Patients About Phase I Clinical Trials

The conversation with patients about a Phase I Trial as a treatment option is frought wiht emotional and ethical challenges. Dr. Harpham developed the BEST MED approach to decision making that can help clinicians . Here, using this approach, she discusses key issues involved in talking with patients about Phase I trials. She offers ideas and phrases that may help patients overcome the obstacles to making informed decisions in keeping with their values.