Books by Wendy Harpham

Happiness in a Storm
Practical philosophy and science-based knowledge help you get good care and find some happiness while dealing with a medical challenge. You’ll learn how to set the stage for the miracle of physical healing by (1) obtaining sound knowledge, (2) nourishing realistic hope and (3) taking effective action.
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When a Parent Has Cancer with Becky and the Worry Cup
Awarded the 2006 Consumer Book Award by the American Journal of Nursing, this book set combines a book for adults with an illustrated children's book. Together, they offer information, advice and inspiration for dealing with the many issues that arise when a parent (or other important adult in the life of a child) is ill.
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After Cancer
This reader-friendly guide helps you through the medical, emotional and practical issues that arise during the weeks, months and years following completion of cancer treatment. Written in a clear and concise question-and-answer format, After Cancer guides you to good follow-up care and helps you create a "new normal" that is the best it can be—in certain ways, even better than before.

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Diagnosis: Cancer
This classic work has helped tens of thousands of cancer patients and their families through the challenges of diagnosis, evaluation and treatment. New to this edition is “Harpham’s Decision Tool,” a unique chart for helping you decide on your best course of treatment. This book educates and inspires people who are dealing with a new diagnosis—a first-time cancer diagnosis or a recurrence, as well as those who are in the middle of treatment.

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Only 10 Seconds to Care
Through engaging and inspiring short stories, Dr. Harpham helps you think and talk about everyday problems in patient care. Patients benefit from a rare view of the challenges that face their healthcare team, and clinicians benefit from an inside view of the struggles of their patients. All readers can learn from healing words that take just seconds but make a world of difference to patients.

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The Hope Tree
The stories of a group of adorable young animals can help families talk about the difficulties children face when their mom or dad (or other loved one) with any type of cancer. The stories, philosophies, advice, and inspiration help children understand and adjust to the changes in healthy, hopeful ways.
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