View from the Other Side of the Stethoscope

Wendy Harpham recognized with an award for her contributionSince 2005, Dr. Harpham has been writing the popular “View from the Other Side of the Stethoscope” column in Oncology Times. Most columns grapple with a common dilemma in patient care, such as false alarms or finding hope when stopping treatment. After exploring the challenges patients face, Harpham suggests words and actions that take clinicians only seconds to say or do but may make a world of difference for patients.

Periodically Dr. Harpham addresses patients directly in the form of a patient handout that clinicians are welcome to copy and use in their practices.

On rare occasions, Dr. Harpham uses the View column to reflect on survivorship and modern medicine.

All the Oncology Times columns may be accessed at View From the Other Side of the Stethoscope  A select few are listed below.

Time Savers
The demands of modern medicine are putting the squeeze on clinicians' time. By finding creative time savers for clinicians and promoting a culture that values the time needed for high-quality care, we can preserve compassion and help patients get good care and live as fully as possible.

The Medicine of Grief
Some patients need to grieve periodically throughout their survivorship, even if cured of cancer. A first step is distinguishing persistent sadness due to complicated or prolonged grief that needs to end and sadness due instead to obstructed grief that needs a jumpstart.

Patient Handout—Honoring Grief
loss related to changes in your roles, relationships, hopes, and expectations.

Distressing Decisions
Compassionate care involves not only providing expert information and recommendations, but also ensuring that patients can hear and process what you tell them. By wrapping facts and recommendations in words of comfort and inspiration, you enable patients to work their way to the best decision for them.